With more than 13 million tests conducted annually worldwide, the Vienna Test System (VTS) is the leading tool for psychological assessment.

The carefully crafted modular design of the Vienna Test System makes the system suitable for use in many contexts, including

The right test for every occasion

Users can choose from the comprehensive range of 120 tests and 15 test sets (= predefined test batteries), selecting those that are most appropriate to the query that has been raised. Each individual test is highly functional. In addition, the psychological tests can be combined into test batteries, enabling all aspects of a multi-faceted query (e.g. suitability for a particular job, nature of a person’s disease or disability, fitness to drive) to be measured together in a single test session.

Powerful test system

Users also have access to many other features of the powerful test system: management of testees and their test results in a database, standardized test administration in many different languages, automatic and instant computation of test results, easily understood summary of results in table and diagram form, export of test results and report templates for reports and experts opinions – and much more besides. Many well-known companies and organizations in all sectors therefore choose to use the Vienna Test System and enjoy the benefits of faster processes and a modern assessment system that ensures the highest levels of objectivity and fairness.  

The four specialist versions of the Vienna Test System

The four versions of the Vienna Test System
The four versions of the Vienna Test System

The versions published in 2012 for human resources, traffic psychology, clinical/neuropsychology and sport psychology mean that there are now sector-specific test systems. Each of these versions includes a dimensions list and test directory specifically tailored to the particular field of use. Purchase of the Vienna Test System includes ten free test administrations of each of the most popular tests for the particular sector, plus five test administrations of the test sets. By buying a test system users therefore have at their fingertips a complete inventory of tests for their area of use.

Special ability tests and highly precise tests that can measure time in milliseconds

The special ability tests  – in particular those that are precise to within milliseconds – have a deservedly good reputation. With many factors and skills such as attention, cognitive flexibility and ability to react it is not the number of correct answers but the speed of processing that is the crucial criterion. Differences of even a few milliseconds can cause a significant shift of the normed test scores. The Vienna Test System measures working times precisely, enabling the results to be interpreted with clarity, for example for the assessment of fitness to drive in traffic psychology, the assessment of attention deficits in neuropsychology or the minimizing of accident risk in jobs in which safety is an important consideration.

Pioneering role in accessories

Peripheral perception
Peripheral perception

The Vienna Test System has also acquired an international reputation for its psychological tests that make use of special hardware. Thanks to specially developed peripheral devices, sensorimotor skills (eye-hand-(foot) coordination, fine motor skills), peripheral perception and the activation of the central nervous system can all be measured. Among the particularly precise tests that use a peripheral device, the DT Determination Test leads the way.