Administration Software

manage, prescribe, evaluate


The Biofeedback Xpert administration software is used to manage client data, prescribe training and evaluate sessions.
The interface of Biofeedback Xpert – whose color can be adjusted – is clearly laid out and easy to understand. Basic training is included, to which you can add special training.

The administration software also has a number of practical features:



The database stores all client data, session data, readings, notes, comments and recorded speech. If required, data can be imported and exported as well.


Advice messages

Regular advice messages support the use and provide helpful input. General warnings protect against inappropriate use. You can create and edit advice messages yourself depending on the session structure.


Session sequence

In the session sequence, you can define, save, and therefore standardize your own session structures for particular indications or case. A session structure can consist of multiple training programs with different parameters, times and advice messages.


Therapy library

The therapy library contains training programs and brief descriptions. Training is started via the therapy library. No additional settings should be made.


Modular screen

Bar and line displays, numerical displays and videos can be arranged in any order on the screen. This results in individual training screens for different clients or training approaches.


Sensor position

The exact instructions for how and where to apply the electrodes is stored here.



Training sessions can be designed individually with different background images or colors.


Background music

To optimize the training effect, you can use music from the program or from a CD.


Set marker

Use this function to document results during the session and add comments.



Use this function to display individual images on a second screen. This makes it possible to set up a therapist and a client screen.


3D evaluation


The system can also display the evaluation diagram in a 3D display (bars, bands, etc.) that can be rotated and enlarged.


Link to the Vienna Test System in psychological assessments


Biofeedback Xpert and the Vienna Test System – the SCHUHFRIED program for psychological assessment – can be combined:

While a psychological test is being administered for assessment purposes via the Vienna Test System, physiological data can be simultaneously recorded and evaluated with Biofeedback Xpert.

This makes it possible to measure the client's physiological reactions in a test situation – for example when the client is under time pressure, is concentrating on a task or is making mistakes.



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