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BFSTAT – Statistical Module


The statistical module enables data obtained with Biofeedback Xpert to be prepared for further statistical analysis in standard statistics programs. This enables comparisons to be made for study purposes between sessions or individuals or within a session.

The following settings are available:

You define the intervals that are of interest. You can choose from several selection methods: automatically defined by markers, relative to a session and absolutely positioned.

Measurement channels
You select the relevant measurement channels

Interval parameters
You decide which parameters of the selected intervals will be calculated (mean, median, minimum, maximum, gradient, standard deviation etc.).

During the calculation process the program can smooth out data and remove spikes.

Data can be exported in an SPSS format or in tab-separated form (e.g. for Excel).

Main areas of application

  • Sport
  • HR
  • Children
  • Psychotherapy
  • Pain & psychosomatic symptoms
  • Rehabilitation


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