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The perfect team: Vienna Test System and CogniPlus

The theory-led "Test – Training – Evaluation" concept.

In addition to the Vienna Test System, we are offering you CogniPlus – a training program for attention functions, executive functions, memory, spatial processing and visuomotor functions.

The CogniPlus trainings are based on the same theoretical models as the tests of the Vienna Test System to which they correspond; this provides an efficient and theoretically sound link between assessment/training and the subsequent analysis of effectiveness. The corresponding tests and training programs are based on the same theoretically clearly defined constructs but involve different tasks. This enables a reliable distinction to be made between the material–specific learning effect and the desired training effect.

Combining testing and training? Why?

Careful assessment before the start of training, which specifically targets the impaired functions, ensures that training is effective and efficient – and prevents any adverse training effects.

Because the progress made in training is not assessed on the basis of performance on the training programs but by using the corresponding tests. This enables trivial practice effects to be distinguished from actual improvement.

This graphic shows which CogniPlus training programs are specifically tailored to the deficits tested by the Vienna Test System.