Basic Workshop: Cognitive Basic Assessment (COGBAT)

10:00 - 12:00
This event has already expired.
Basic Workshop Cogbat

In the tight schedule of hospitals and clinics, medical workers must often strike a fine balance between saving time and a comprehensive status assessment. Our Cognitive Basic Assessment (COGBAT) makes this decision easier!

Seven carefully selected paradigms test the most important sub-dimensions from the areas of attention, memory and executive functions and provide you the overview you need for evaluating your patient’s cognitive status.

In this basic workshop you will learn

  • the theoretical and empirical foundation of COGBAT
  • which sub-dimensions can be assessed with COGBAT
  • how to use COGBAT in practice (including progress testing)
  • how to interpret the results

Costs: 30€ per person excl. VAT


*Free for participants of the SCHUHFRIED start up program


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