Biofeedback Basic Workshop

9:00 - 16:00
BFB Screen Module

What can you expect in this Biofeedback basic workshop?

  • Basics of biofeedback (physiological parameters, example diagrams)
  • Biofeedback Xpert hardware (POINTs) and software
  • Practical exercises: Stress diagnostics, relaxation, breathing training, muscle relaxation, heart rate variability, interpretation of results
  • Individual questions of the participants.


Bernadette Maurer-Grubinger, Clinical & Health Psychologist

Costs & Location
  • 75€ excl. VAT

  • Online or
  • on site at SCHUHFRIED GmbH, Hyrtlstraße 45, A-2340 Mödling (near Vienna) - if required and/or possible for all participants


25. September 2021, 09:00 - 16:00 (CET)


Is it necessary to purchase the Biofeedback Xpert before the workshop?

No! Despite the online setting, the purchase of a biofeedback system is not a requirement for participation. However, if you already own a Biofeedback Xpert or would like to buy one anyway, it is an advantage to have it ready to hand during the workshop. In this way, you can directly implement what you have learned and question any ambiguities during the workshop.

The workshop is ideal for all beginners as well as slightly advanced users who want to refresh their basic knowledge.

We reserve the right to cancel if the number of participants is too low. Registration can be cancelled free of charge up to one week before the start of the workshop. In case of cancellation after the registration deadline, the entire fee will be charged.


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