Expert workshop (online): Diagnostics Fresh-up

13:00 - 16:00
SF Campus 16 9

It's been a while since you sat down in a psychology course, and what you learned in theory has long since been buried under practical experience? But you don't have the time to reread all your textbooks? Then our Diagnostics Fresh-up is the perfect opportunity for you. In this concise refresher course, you will review the scientific and statistical foundations of psychological diagnostics with our experts so that you can make even better use of your practical experience.

In this course, you will renew your knowledge of:

  • The statistical foundation and quality assessment of test quality criteria
  • The statistical foundation and quality assessment of norms
  • Item response theory and adaptive testing

Lecturer: Nicole Prochaska, MSc.

Participation fee per person: 75€ excl. vat
*For participants of the Start-Up Program the fee is waived.


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