Webinar: Forced Choice - the Game Changer of Personality Diagnostics

11:00 - 11:30
This event has already expired.
SF Campus 16 9

Socially desirable response tendencies of test takers have always been a massive problem in personality diagnostics. Even perfectly designed questions sometimes show face validity and may be easily manipulated, which is especially problematic for areas of applications such as personnel selection.
The new forced choice test format offers a solution to this problem. In contrast to questionnaires with a rating scale, in which one statement is evaluated after the other, forced choice questionnaires have test takers rank three equally attractive statements according to their personal preference. Sounds complicated? In practice, however, it actually isn't with our new test FCB5.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How forced choice has been implemented in our new test FCB5.
  • Which new advantages and limitations this test format offers
  • For which questions you can use FCB5
  • How to handle the test results in practice

You want to dive deeper into the topic of forced choice? Register now for our expert workshop "Forced-choice in theory and practice" on 13th of October 2023.