Expert workshop (online): Forced choice in theory and practice

13:00 - 16:00
This event has already expired.
SF Campus 16 9

The forced choice format is the game changer in personality diagnostics. In contrast to questionnaires with a rating scale, in which one statement is evaluated after the other, forced choice questionnaires like our new FCB5 have test takers rank three equally attractive statements according to their personal preference. And compared to earlier ipsative approaches, a new statistical model can now even be used to compare people with each other. Sounds complicated? Our experts will happily guide you through the statistical maze!

In this expert workshop, you dive into the depths of forced choice with us and learn:

  • Which statistical model underlies the forced choice format
  • How test results are calculated
  • Which new advantages and limitations this test format offers
  • How to interpret test results
  • How abnormal test results look like and how to deal with them in practice

Lecturer: Nicole Prochaska, MSc. & Felix Dörflinger, MSc.

Participation fee per person: 75 € excl. vat
*For participants of the Start-Up Program the fee is waived.