Online train driver pre-selection with SAFESC

As a source of hope in the climate crisis, rail transport is currently being intensively promoted in many countries. This will create an increased demand for skilled workers. At the same time, the workforce of rail companies is aging. In many cases, the answer to this is recruitment abroad and in more diverse groups, leaving recruiters to handle large and decentralized applicant pools. Our Safety Screening Rail (SAFESC) is a flexible and affordable way to pre-screen many applicants online with just a few clicks, allowing you to focus valuable HR resources directly on the most promising applicants.


In this webinar you can hear about:

  • How online screenings can help you streamline your personnel selection process.
  • Which scientific findings are the basis for SAFESC.
  • How you can use the test results for the next steps in the personnel selection process.
  • How you can optimally combine SAFESC with on-site testing.
  • How you can also use online screenings for periodic testing of already employed train drivers.