Online pre-selection of professional drivers with SAFESC

The professional transport sector is set to grow over the coming years. However, one in five positions for professional drivers in the EU is unfilled - and the situation in the rest of the world is no better. Upcoming waves of retirements will further exacerbate the current situation. This makes recruiting abroad all the more important. With our Safety Screenign Road (SAFESC), you can identify the potential of applicants right at the beginning of the recruitment process, no matter where your applicants are in the world, allowing you to focus valuable HR resources directly on the most promising applicants.

In this webinar you can hear about:

  • How online screenings can help you streamline your personnel selection process.
  • Which scientific findings are the basis for SAFESC.
  • How you can use the test results for the next steps in the personnel selection process.
  • How you can optimally combine SAFESC with on-site testing.
  • How you can also use online screenings for periodic testing of employed professional drivers.

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