Traffic Shot - Fitness to drive with different driving tasks

13:00 - 15:00
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Presenter: Margit Herle (SCHUHFRIED) and Dr. Mark Tant (VIAS)

In order to drive a motor vehicle, minimum criteria set by the EU must be met. These criteria are implemented at national level, and in most national legislation of EU Member States they are mainly of a strictly medical nature. However, in some countries (neuro-)psychological functions are also included in the decision on fitness to drive.
Part 1 of the webinar (in German) deals with the question of defining and assessing traffic-relevant psychological dimensions of fitness to drive as currently found in legislation.

The current (neuro-)psychological assessment is (in most countries) tailored to the "conventional" driving situation, i.e. that the driver is in full control of the vehicle and the driving situation at all times.
Part 2 of the webinar (in English) deals with the possible differences between the required (neuro-)psychological functions in conventional and automated driving and thus provides a glimpse into the future of driving fitness assessment.

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