Study: Digital tests for the detection of feigned cognitive dysfunction

Cognitive impairments are often simulated, this is shown by clinical practice, but also by neuropsychological research. The Groningen Effort Test (GET) helps to identify implausible response behaviour.

Enter the new SCHUHFRIED Campus

Fast, easy and convenient access to sound knowledge about psychological assessment? This is now possible with the new SCHUHFRIED Campus. Expand your existing knowledge or dive deep into the respective subject in the course of our workshops.

Success Story: From Paper to Digital

In this success story you can find out about the advantages of digital tests in everyday clinical practice.

Study: Children who move show better attention

More and more schools are putting daily physical activity sessions on the timetable. A recent study shows the impact of exercise on the attention of children with and without learning disabilities.

Study: alertness training and visual processing speed

This study investigated whether visual processing speed could be improved in healthy older adults using our CogniPlus Training ALERT.

Using digital tests for psychological research

SCHUHFRIED supports relevant studies with digital psychological tests, cognitive trainings and years of expertise. Find out more about current studies here.

Study: Attention (tests) in Brazilian soccer

What is the secret of Brazilian soccer players? This study investigates whether a particularly high level of attention (measured with our test COG) is responsible for exceptional performance.

Study: Conscientiousness and smartphone use

When do you put your cell phone aside in the evening? This study shows the connection between cell phone use and the personality factor "conscientiousness".

Study: Using cognitive tests to find elite athletes

Learn why coaches should rely on cognitive testing to find elite athletes in this study summary.

Test persons rate VTS the best

Especially with test subjects of advanced age, it is of great importance that the digital method used is well received. Find out here why the VTS was ratet best.

An eventful year at SCHUHFRIED

In 2020, we worked hard on setting the course for a new era of digital psychological assessment. Read more in our annual review:

We donate to Caritas "Die Gruft"

A great initiative by our employees also got the management involved. Read more about our donation to the Caritas "Gruft" here.

Research on the consequences of Covid-19 disease

Cognitive impairment due to Covid-19 disease has been reported in many cases. Now the long term effects are being investigated.

This was the first online biofeedback workshop!

Hand on heart: physical contact is a must in biofeedback training... or is it? On 5.12. we offered the first biofeedback basic workshop ONLINE!

Science Award 2020

SCHUHFRIED and science belong together. We are therefore particularly pleased when our products become part of pioneering studies. Every year, we therefore honour three papers with the SCHUHFRIED Science Award.

The ideas of our employees are important to us

Our employees have many ideas. We not only want to hear them but also to appreciate them! The first "winner" was awarded last week.

Expert Forum

SCHUHFRIED invited around 50 experts from the HR sector to the "Expert Forum HR" in Vienna city centre. This is a newly created platform for the professional exchange and networking of experts.

18th Traffic Psychology International (TPI) Meeting in Vienna

The group of 25 experts from the field of traffic psychology focuses on the discussion of the most burning issues from traffic psychology practice and research.

The first provider to be officially certified!

From June 2021, only certified processes within the context of FeV Annex 5 No. 2 may be used. The tests of the SCHUHFRIED FEV Test Set have already been CERTIFIED in November 2019.