SCHUHFRIED Annual Review 2021



Between new years eve in home office and currently postponed Christmas spirit in Austria, the SCHUHFRIED team sticks together and remains active. For our clients, but above all for psychological research and teaching. That was our year 2021:

For the SCHUHFRIED team in Austria, 2021 began mainly like 2020 had ended: at home. However, our well-established processes enabled us to work without restrictions, which is why we were able to push ahead with important product developments in the first quarter.

For example, the popular DRIVESTA and DRIVEPLS test sets got a new evaluation. The compensation options for performance restrictions were revised on the basis of new samples and data. In VTS Marketplace, the purchase of 1-year licenses was enabled in addition to the individual test specification.



Spring has brought us two new tests: The Basic Matirces Test (BMT) and the Test for Professional Interest and Orientation (PRIO): BMT was developed for the usage in clinical settings as well as specifically for the lower performance range, and is designed to be visually appealing, modern, and easily recognizable (even with deficits in color vision). PRIO scores with realistic test material and a design that is close to everyday life. Due to the broad standardization from 12 to 60 years of age, it is not only ideally suited for choices of occupation and training for students, but also for professional reorientation and reintegration after an accident or illness.

But our evergreens have not been forgotten either: SIGNAL, VIGIL, DT and STROOP have been completely reprogrammed for the VTS8 and thus also updated (test results and standardizations remain available and valid).

If you are interested in the latest scientific findings or want to refresh your existing knowledge of psychology, webinars by our in-house experts and test authors have been very popular for years.

Apart from these well-known format, there are other training courses and workshops that we have been implementing for some time with customers all over the world. That's why we founded the SCHUHFRIED Campus in summer 2021, where we bring together not only exciting workshops and informative webinars, but specially designed trainings.


The tests in the Vienna Test System are available in up to 30 languages. Recently, one more was added. The tests A3DW, BFSI, INT, SMK, TACO, VISGED, DT, SIGNAL and VIGIL are now also available in Norwegian.

The Groninger Efforts Tests (GET), which is suitable for testing adults with psychiatric and neurological disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or brain damage has been expanded this fall with an additional index for symptom validation of traumatic brain injury or stroke.

In addition, the COG and SMK tests were also reprogrammed and updated for VTS8


So 2022, we are prepared and look forward to everything that is coming. You can also look forward to exciting product developments, new features in the VTS Marketplace and VTS online, and of course to many informative webinars.

We wish you all a merry Christmas and a peaceful end to the year.