Research on the consequences of Covid-19 disease

Cooperation partner in Madrid brings to light aftermath
Covid 19 Virus

Covid-19 has become part of our lives in the last few months. Since the beginning of the pandemic, universities and hospitals worldwide have been involved in the most extensive research possible into the virus, the associated disease and all the impairments and consequential damage that it causes.


Our scientific cooperation partner in Madrid, Hospital Clinico San Carlos, is now starting research on long-term cognitive damage. We spoke with Dr. Jordi A. Matias-Guiu, clinical neurologist and researcher in the neurological department of the San Carlos Hospital.

According to Dr. Matias-Guiu, research into the possible effects of Covid-19 disease on the central nervous system is a controversial topic. In fact, we are not yet able to make any predictions. Impairments have been detected a short time, weeks or even months after the infection.

The main focus of the study is on cognitive impairment after the active stage of the disease. Participants are therefore people still experiencings symptoms six months after the acute state. The main characteristics of the aftermath are recorded, as well as impairments and anything that could lead to further problems.

In a comprehensive cross-sectional study, imaging techniques (MRI, PET), questionnaires as well as tests of the Vienna Test System are used. Dr. Matias-Guiu described the choice of tests as very important, as it is not expected that there will be massive changes, improvements or deteriorations. "Therefore, tests would have to be used that react particularly sensitively to even the smallest deviations. With the Vienna Test System (for example WAFA and COGBAT are used) this is given and the results are truthful."

The study is very important, not only to show and assess cognitive consequences in general, but also to shed a little more light on the issue.

We wish Dr. Matias-Guiu and the team at San Carlos Hospital all the best and much success in this challenging study!






Sensitive tests have to be used to detect even the smallest deviations. With the Vienna Test System this is given and the results are truthful.