The first provider to be officially certified!

News FEV Zertifizierung

The first provider to be officially certified!


SCHUHFRIED customers can feel even more secure entering into the new year 2020. Starting in June 2020, only tests that have been explicitly confirmed according to FeV Annex 5 No. 2 as suitable by a defined assessment body can be used. Of course, SCHUHFRIEDs FEV test set recieved this confirmation in November 2019.
List of suitable test procedures and equipment as part of the driving suitability assessment (only german)

The test set FEV enables a simple, time-efficient and exact recording of the legally prescribed performance dimensions. It is comprehensively validated, standardized and saves important resources in daily work.  

This upcoming change may bring with it some uncertainties or even questions - even for you? SCHUHFRIED has therefore launched a whole series of webinars. During the (only german) webinar, the test set will be explained in detail and our experts will also be available to answer your certain questions.


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