This was the first online biofeedback workshop!

BFB Screen Module

After we had to cancel all of our Biofeedback Basic Workshops 2020 due to Covid-19, the time was just right to set up an online concept. Thanks to the dedicated clinical and health psychologist Ms Maurer-Grubinger, who we could win as a speaker, this event was a successful first biofeedback basic workshop ONLINE.

On Saturday, 5.12.2020, the time had finally come. After several weeks of intensive preparation and working out a new training concept, a group of 15 participants kicked off this new format. Decisive for the success of the event were two test runs a few days before the actual workshop. This ensured that the participants' technology was also up to the task. Any difficulties that arose could be solved in a timely manner in cooperation with the respective IT departments.
An additional advantage: The fact that workshop leaders and participants got to know each other at an early stage meant that they were able to start the actual workshop in a more familiar environment (despite the physical distance).

The existence or purchase of a Biofeedback Xpert system is not obligatory in advance, but it is of course advantageous in a certain way if one can work with it directly. The online setting also made it possible for participants to share their screen in order to be able to exchange experiences of everyday working situations.
The training materials were sent in advance so that participants could get an overview and take notes directly. The online concept was well structured with sufficient breaks. Participants who already had knowledge were able to actively contribute to the workshop and additionally support other participants in getting to know BFB Xpert.

A big thank you goes to the workshop leader and all participants. We are already looking forward to the coming dates, but of course also to those that we will be able to hold again on site in Mödling.