An eventful year at SCHUHFRIED





This year SCHUHFRIED has celebrated many small successes, but above all some major ones. Admittedly, 2020 was an eventful year for everyone, but you can read here why it will go down in our history books not only because of the pandemic: 


In February, the pandemic reached Austria and in March, the SCHUHFRIED team switched to home office almost overnight. Thanks to our support team and the commitment of all employees, smooth processes were created and availability was guaranteed.


The second quarter of the year was characterized by highlights. Our new attention and concentration test TACO and the new safety screening SAFESC became part of our portfolio and the very popular reaction test RT was modernized.
At the same time, we presented our new website, the comprehensive SCHUHFRIED Marketplace and the VTS online. The Marketplace bundles all test information at one place and enables the convenient purchase of tests for your local Vienna test system as well as for direct testing in VTS online. Testing in VTS online is intuitive: buy the test, add the test person and send the link. You can track the test status in real time and view the results directly after completion of testing. 

With the flexible test settings in VTS online we were able to quickly and safely provide assistance for psychologists during this uncertain time of the pandemic.


We used the summer to give existing products the stage they deserve. A videographer assisted in the creation of professional clips on the SCHUHFRIED response panel and the Motor Performance Series MLS.


Since November, the Intelligence Structure Battery-2, INSBAT-2 for short, has enriched our intelligence tests and our entire test portfolio. Described by experts as "a big hit" and "the most flexible intelligence test on the market", it is ideally suited for testing large groups (also location-independent), such as in the course of university entrance examinations, but also adapts flexibly to your needs and the respective question. The extended options of the flexible test configuration allow you to freely select subtests, test duration and difficulty of the test entry. This flexible test configuration was also added in November to the INT Test, the inventory for testing cognitive capabilities, which was released last year.

The latest milestone in 2020 was the first online biofeedback workshop. This brought such a positive response that it will probably not be the last one; with or without pandemic.

So 2021, we are prepared and look forward to everything that is coming. You can also look forward to exciting product developments, new features in the Marketplace and VTS online, and of course to many informative webinars.

We wish you all a merry Christmas and a peaceful end to the year.