Do smart car need different abilities?


How can the skills that people need in the modern car be measured efficiently?

This is the question being asked by a dissertation project in the Department of Social and Legal Psychology at the Institute of Psychology at the University of Bonn. Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Rainer Banse, Finn Rathgeber (M. Sc.) is working on optimising the current driving ability test from a psychological perspective. Although the dimensions relevant to driving have long been legally manifested, they are in urgent need of empirical review, especially against the background of technical and scientific progress. The multi-year project aims to investigate which of the psychological dimensions are relevant to the driving task according to the current state of science and which combination of tests can empirically measure these requirements for cognitive and psychomotor performance most efficiently.

We at SCHUHFRIED are particularly proud to be able to support this important study with a loan of test equipment. Together with you, we are eagerly awaiting the results, which may influence future product developments.

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