Enter the new SCHUHFRIED Campus

New range of workshops, trainings and certifications!

Are you interested in the latest scientific research or do you want to refresh your existing knowledge of psychological terms? In the course of the newly designed SCHUHFRIED Campus, you can not only take part in exciting workshops and informative webinars, but also in trainings designed especially for you.

Webinars by our in-house experts and test authors have been very popular for years. Our Biofeedback basic workshop is also regularly fully booked despite the pandemic and a switch to an online format.

Apart from these well-known scenarios, there are other trainings and workshops that we have been implementing for some time with clients all over the world. Now we have decided to bring all this in-depth knowledge, expertise and passion of our experts together and offer it to you:

Welcome to SCHUHFRIED Campus!

As part of the SCHUHFRIED Campus, you can take part in regular basic workshops that provide you with in-depth knowledge of the Vienna Test System or specific test (set)s, expert workshops that share the latest professional insights with you, or your own customised workshops that are adapted to your individual needs as a company or department.

For users of the Vienna Test System and our tests, there are focused trainings and opportunities for certification.

Step inside and find out more!



Whats next?

Take a look around our SCHUHFRIED Campus, browse the upcoming dates or contact us about a WTS / Test Expert  training or certification.