Enter the new SCHUHFRIED Campus

New range of workshops, trainings and certifications!

Clients, partners, students or those interested in psychology in general - SCHUHFRIED webinars are popular everywhere. In addition to these well-known free online webinars, we are now going one step further as the SCHUHFRIED Campus opens its doors!


What is the SCHUHFRIED Campus?

The SCHUHFRIED Campus brings together all SCHUHFRIED offerings in the field of knowledge transfer under one roof; for everyone who is interested in high-quality professional content. It includes our popular webinars as well as newly developed basic workshops (whicht are right now available in german only), customer-specific workshops, trainings and certifications. The trainings and workshops have already been held successfully for years and are now presented in a new design together with the well-founded basic workshops. 


What is a Workshop?

Workshops are held on a customer-specific basis and are also charged per customer (regardless of the number of participants). In workshops, we work with you on a specific topic: You want to use the Vienna Test System but don't know exactly what to do now? In a "requirement workshop", our experts work with you to analyse what and how to use our products for the best results possible.
You have a specific problem or question, but don't know which tests you should ideally use? In the course of a "critical incident" workshop, we develop a requirements profile with you, on the basis of which an ideal test selection can be made.


What forms of training are available?

We distinguish between Test Expert and Test Administrator training. This differentiation has proven itself in recent years, as the people who conduct the tests (test administrator) and those who interpret the results afterwards (test experts) are often not one and the same person, especially in larger organisations. In this respect, different knowledge is needed in different positions.


What certifications do exist?

In general, you can be certified as a Test Expert for every test and every test set. You will receive intensive training on the test(s) you use and will then be able to use it correctly in all relevant contexts possible.
Contents include:

  • Theoretical background
  • All available test forms & variables
  • All areas of use
  • Scoring & interpretation (incl. test protocol, progression diagrams, etc.)
  • Helpful practical exercises

In addition to certification for a specific test, there is also certification for the Vienna Test System itself. This gives you the necessary tools to instruct colleagues in the VTS independently and to use the full administrative and technical possibilities to your full advantage.



Whats next?

If you are now curious about the SCHUHFRIED Campus, at the upcoming dates or contact us for a customised workshop, training or certification.



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