Study: Conscientiousness and smartphone use

This study shows the connection between cell phone use and the personality factor "conscientiousness".
Studie Morning Lark

Smartphones are our everyday companions these days. Magazines and books could be filled with information about the advantages and disadvantages of constant accessibility and professional and private networking. But what does our smartphone use say about our personality?

Dr. Ramona Schödel and her colleagues used smartphone sensor data and the test BFSI to investigate correlations between sleep patterns and the Big Five personality factors. They found that people with higher scores in Conscientiousness stopped using their smartphones earlier in the evening. This was true both during the week and on weekends. In addition, their nighttime inactivity varied less on weekdays, indicating a balanced sleep schedule, and they had lower scores on the Roenneberg Chronotype, which indicates the time one usually falls asleep.

So the Big Five personality factors can predict sleep patterns. If you have high scores in conscientiousness, you probably go to bed earlier and have a more regular sleep rhythm. As a result, the question "When do you put your smartphone away in the evening?" may soon be part of the standard repertoire of every job interview.

By the way, Dr. Schödel had submitted her study for the SCHUHFRIED Science Award 2020 and was one of three winners to be awarded 500€.
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Schoedel, R., Pargent, F., Au, Q., Völkel, S. T., Schuwerk, T., Bühner, M., & Stachl, C. (2020). To challenge the Morning Lark and the Night Owl: Using smartphone sensing data to investigate day–night behaviour patterns. European Journal of Personality, 0(March), per.2258.