Success Story: Flexible student selection

Remote testing but still supervised


The renowned CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences had already been administering university admissions tests with tests of the Vienna Test System (VTS). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting minimization of personal contact, the University was forced to find an online alternative to the prior on-site testing in very little time.

The new solution was to map the entire test process online while upholding the content quality and legal certainty. Due to the unexpected change in requirements, the process also had to be fully implemented in just a few weeks. The customer-specific assessments and evaluation criteria of FH Campus 02 as well as the simple administration were to be maintained as well.

A great solution for presenting online tests with a high quality standard and legal certainty is called proctoring. During this process, a test supervisor (proctor) observes the respondents while they are working on the test. The advantages of this method include continuous monitoring, which prevents respondents from working the test improperly, and the fact that the proctor is available to answer questions or explain anything that may be unclear.
At FH CAMPUS 02, admissions testing was switched over to proctoring for all degree programs. As a part of this changeover, the cognitive ability tests that had been used to date were also updated to a new version that supports online presentation.
SCHUHFRIED updated all of its customer-specific documentation so that it could still be used despite switching over to a new ability test. In addition, SCHUHFRIED was able to automate the calculation of overall scores in the Vienna Test System, which had been carried out manually before. FH CAMPUS 02 established a proctoring process with which applicants are able to sign up for predefined time slots via an online tool to book their test on their own. The proctors generate and prepare the links from within the Vienna Test System so that they are available at the start of the testing appointment.

The ‘Proctored mode’ affords us new possibilities and flexibility, which puts us in an outstanding position to react to the current conditions. SCHUHFRIED adapts wonderfully to our individual needs.

Theresa Ziegerhofer
Study service and International Office, FH Campus 02


Reworking the existing processes significantly reduced the administrative overhead for FH CAMPUS 02 while bolstering its image as a modern and crisis-proof university of applied sciences. Being independent of physical spaces and test computers facilitates both the planning and implementation of the digital admissions test. The applicants also benefit from no longer having to travel to the test site and spending much time on this part of the application. Switching over to a new, improved version also enhanced the content quality of the test without losing any customer-specific adaptations or old test results.


CAMPUS 02 Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft GmbH

  •  Founded: 1996
  • Located in Graz, Austria
  • Around 1500 students
  • 8 Bachelor's and 6 Master's degrees

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