Success Story: Road safety in the Dominican Republic 

The Vienna Test System internationally in use for road safety according to legal requirements.

As a government contractor, Dekolor is well-informed about the latest legal requirements for the driver’s license acquisition process. Because issuing such an important legal document is a very delicate procedure, it is important to implement the highest possible standards within the law. Scientific and technological requirements must be defined in extreme detail.

A new Dominican traffic law includes various psychological factors and dimensions that need to be measured and evaluated. The objective of this project was to design and build new examination centers for performing physical and psychological examinations of driver’s license applicants. As this was a new process, it was important not to overwhelm the applicants or the system.

Initially, the dimensions and factors required to evaluate and approve the applicants according to the new law needed to be compared with the VTS tests and corresponding test batteries had to be designed.
It is of the utmost importance to SCHUHFRIED to provide a pleasant test experience for the respondents. This was particularly relevant since the psychological assessment of driver’s license applicants is a completely new process in the Dominican Republic. Testing thus needed to be straightforward, yet effective. Another relevant aspect was the scalability of the testing for future expansions.

Dekolor’s lead psychologists were then trained by SCHUHFRIED and OIAV to provide them with the best possible support in this project. Dekolor’s legal expertise facilitated the identification of tests and the designing of the test battery.
Finally, since psychological testing was going to be combined with other tests, a VTS server solution was implemented to be able to integrate data from other sources.

Solution & Outcome 

  • Examination centers - called “CEMECOS” - were built throughout the country.
  • VTS test results are combined in an integrated report with all other exams.
  • The VTS server solution allows for instant results and a high frequency of testing.
  • Data gathered from testing also contributes to creating special training initiatives for drivers.

The centers were a resounding success and were very well received by the public. Applicants are now assessed and evaluated in less time (within 20 minutes), and the results provide more detail than before. In addition to the higher-quality evaluation of applicants the entire process of acquiring a driver’s license has become more transparent and fairer from a social perspective.


The client DeKolor SRL (Dominican Republic) 

  • Tech company with +20 years of experience in traffic and security
  • Highly experienced with international and government customers
  • 18 offices worldwide
  • 550 employees



OIAV - Organización Internacional de
Accidentología Vial (located in Spain)

  • Specialized in traffic and road safety management
  • Providing quality assurance
  • Assisting in project development

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