Success Story: Fair testing of driving ability

The VTS enables fair, rapid and scientific testing of multicoherent groups.

PhDr. Michal Walter, Chairman of the Union of the Psychological Associations of the Czech Republic, runs test centers for drivers in the
cities of Prague and Mladá Boleslav.
The psychological examinations are required by Czech traffic law to assess the individual fitness to drive, including for professional drivers with special driver’s licenses (trucks, buses), driving instructors, or drivers whose licenses have been revoked. Furthermore, driving tests are also off ered at the test centers.

Many of the tested individuals are migrant workers from other European countries. It was important to offer them the tests in their respective native language. The personal data collected during the tests is very sensitive and it is therefore important that the test system used adheres to the local and European data protection provisions (GDPR).

Both test centers were equipped with a single Vienna Test System (VTS) workstation, including a carrying case for the hardware. The center in Prague also has special SCHUHFRIED hardware for testing peripheral perception (PP-R) digitally.
VTS offers multiple specific tests and test sets for assessing drivers. Dr. Walter chose
the DRIVEPLS test set since it allows for assessing peripheral perception in addition
to the most important dimensions – overview, logical reasoning, concentration, stress
tolerance, and ability to react. The test set also measures traffic-relevant personality
dimensions in addition to cognitive abilities. This allows psychologists to get a full picture of a driver's fitness to drive.
The convenient carrying case lets practitioners carry out testing outside of the confines
to the test center, if required. The VTS tests are available in up to 37 different languages. This is very important for the many different international customers at the test centers.


  • Digitizing the test increases the quality and frequency
  • Fair assessment of individuals with another native language
  • International norms for accurate assessments
  • Flexible examination for different groups of professionals.

Using the Vienna Test System at the traffic psychological test centers significantly improved the fairness and reliability of the assessment. The standardized presentation of the tests and the fully automated evaluation make the entire process very efficient and economical.

"Traffic psychological assessments have
improved significantly thanks to using digital tests. Our customers primarily value the quality of the results. SCHUHFRIED is able to create individual norms based on the anonymized test data we provide.
These special norms allow us to compare test results even more precisely and to therefore obtain even better results."

PhDr. Michal Walter,
Chairman of the Union of the Psychological Associations of the Czech Republic


The Client

Psychologické poradenství a diagnostika (OSVČ)

  • Multicentric traffic psychological assessments
  • Founded 2012
  • Working with the Vienna Test System since 2016