Success Story: Introducing digital tests in HR

50% less time spent recruiting tram and bus drivers thanks to the switch to digital tests!



Dopravní podnik města Brna (DPMB) is the main carrier in urban public transport of Brno. Many of the 2600 employees are working in jobs with extraordinary high responsibility like tram, trolley or bus drivers. Recruiting candidates for these positions with paper-pencil tests takes up to 7 hours per person. This requires lots of the psychologists' time, which they would like to spend more on counselling, therapeutic, and training activities.

Main aim of the project was to introduce a process for digital psychological assessment that saves valuable time in recruiting and delivers high quality information in a clear evaluation so that quick but informed decisions can be made. Due to the multinational workforce, testing in many languages, such as English, Russian, or German is also necessary.


We built up a Vienna Test System server solution, which is based on the client-server model, where all data is stored on the central server. The installation of clients enables flexible use of test administrators and test stations. This way many candidate workstations can be handled via one supervisor computer and more people can get tested at the same time.
The most relevant dimensions, such as concentration, resilience, and ability to react, are recorded in a compact test battery. Special SCHUHFRIED in- and output devices
are used to enable precise measurement of the relevant dimensions. The VTS provides results of the individual tests as well as an overall assessment of the respondent’s driving-related ability. In addition to the cognitive abilities assessed with the Fitness to Drive test set, DPMB choose several individual special personality tests for drivers out of the
SCHUHFRIED portfolio. This enables them to also assess important traits like aggression, mental stability, responsibility, self-control, and risk avoidance. The Vienna Test System offers digital tests in more than 30 languages. Therefore
tests can be changed to the appropriate language for the test person with a single click.

Beside the time we save every day by using digital tests, the possibility of expanding the activities of the workplace is a great advantage. We can use
this saved time for our drivers in counseling, for training or crisis intervention.

Mgr. Eva Jurčáková, chief psychologist, DPMB


Dopravní podnik města Brna (DPMB) has been operating since 1869 and employs over 2,600 people per year to transport more than 365 million passengers. DPMB manages the largest bus network in the Czech Republic as well as 11 streetcar, 55 city bus and 13 trolleybus lines.

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