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Implementing a recruiting process from scratch using VTS for off- and on-site testing saves >20h administrative effort!
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The UiT Arctic University of Norway was looking for support in establishing a recruiting process for ab initio pilots from scratch. They were facing a large amount of applicants from all across Norway as well as abroad, which would have led to an enormous demand of internal resources, if all applicants had to be tested traditionally on-site.

Apart from psychometric quality, it was important to UiT that some of the tests could be administered online and on mobile devices, in order to preselect applicants and reduce the workload of test administrators as well as travel costs for applicants. Since the first application round was to take place just a couple weeks after the decision on cooperation has been made, the process and tests had to be implemented very quickly.


We started this project by working out all of UiTs' administrative and psychometric requirements, which could basically be covered by the SCHUHFRIED standard test portfolio. One test of our test set SAAIR was replaced and all tests have been translated into Norwegian.
In order to reduce administrative effort, we split the selection process into two different stages.

The first step is an online screening of all applicants with our Safety Screening SAFESC-Air regarding their general cognitive abilities and personality. The testing can be conducted online on any device. This leads to an efficient and quick screening of large applicant numbers. In the first application round, approximately 120 applicants were reduced by half.

The second step consists of a supervised on-site group testing with our safety assessment SAAIR. This test set combines tests for all relevant psychomotorical skills with a short validation of cognitive abilities. In order to accurately measure psychomotor skills, SAAIR is conducted on special input devices, the ergonomic SCHUHFRIED response panel.

This way, the remaining 60 applicants were further reduced to the 12 best. These are now proud students of the northernmost university in the world.



UiT - The Arctic University of Norway is located at the edge of the Arctic, making it the northernmost university in the world. At the same time, it is the third largest university in Norway with more than 3,500 employees, around 17,000 students and 120 doctoral students.

More on SAFESC and the Safety Assessment AIR.

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