Success Story: Recruiting worldwide

The Vienna Test System as a global personnel selection tool


As a global company, Carnivals recruitment is spread all over the world. Decentralised recruitment offices had to process thousands of applications per year, while applicants often had to travel long distances for the application process. This created a lot of administrative work on both sides, even for applicants who did not meet minimum criteria.

The main goal was to establish a standardized recruiting process worldwide, testing different job profiles, such as deck and technical officers, with suitable ability tests and personality questionnaires for each job profile. In addition, part of the testing should take place online, so that effort and costs are reduced on both sides. Carnival wanted to administer their own tests along with tests of the SCHUHFRIED portfolio. The reporting had to be quick, easy to understand and merge the results from all tests.

In a first step, a test selection was compiled that made it possible to cover all relevant skills and personality factors of the different job profiles and at the same time be applicable worldwide. Carnivals own test was integrated into the Vienna test system, the remaining skills and personality factors were covered by SCHUHFRIED tests. To efficiently handle the large number of applicants, the selection was divided into two steps:

Applicants are pre-selected in a location-independent online screening. Only applicants with satisifactory results in this part are invited to an on-site test. This is carried out using special SCHUHFRIED in- and output devices to ensure precise measurement of safety-relevant skills. The test results are combined into an overall score so that HR managers can make quick but informed decisions.

To simplify communication between the different cruise lines, a platform has been developed, which enables a regular automatic exchange of test results and personnel data such as name and date of birth. This enables the cruise companies to check whether an applicant has already applied to another cruise line.


Carnival Corporation & PLC. is the world's largest leisure travel company. 87 ships transport 13 million guests per year and call at over 700 ports. Out of more than 150,000 employees from almost 150 countries, there are many in positions with particularly high safety-related requirements

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