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March 16th 2020

Despite the measures put in place to halt the corona virus, we are still operating with the usual professionalism.

Thanks to our dedicated employees, we have also resumed both production and shipping, so we continue to ensure high quality service and trouble-free shipping.

Our phone numbers are (Monday to Thursday between 9am and 4pm and Fridays until 1pm) redirected to cell phones.

account manager mobiles and extensions Email
> Clients + existing customers
Othmar Roniger +43 664 24 699 22 or +43 2236 42315 - 52 roniger@schuhfried.com
Johanna Numrich +43 2236 42315 - 63 numrich@schuhfried.com
Julia Schwack +43 2236 42315 - 42 schwack@schuhfried.com
Maria Anna Zouzoula +43 2236 42315 - 389 zouzoula@schuhfried.com
Alexandra Enge +43 2236 42315 - 388 enge@schuhfried.com
> Prospective customers
Alexandre Leroux +43 2236 42315 - 73 leroux@schuhfried.com
Sharon Tomas +43 2236 42315 - 387 tomas@schuhfried.com
Jan-Henning Franke +43 2236 42315 - 53 franke@schuhfried.com
> Partners
Christopher Malek +43 2236 42315 - 386 malek@schuhfried.com
Julia Tovilo +43 2236 42315 - 76 tovilo@schuhfried.com
> SUPPORT Service
Jasmina Masovic +43 2236 42315 - 60 info@schuhfried.com




What else are we offering you?


Would you like to receive further training and information online?

In the next few weeks we will be offering more information and webinars on the Vienna Test System.

Take a look at our current range of events



And if you unfortunately do not have time on the dates offered? No problem - then take a look at our YouTube channel

We have already held several webinars on individual tests. Take a look at our YouTube channel.
There you will find:

  • Webinar on INT (inventory for testing cognitive skills)
  • Webinar on the SCHUHFRIED safety assessments
  • DRIVESC2 webinar
  • Webinar on the test set CFD (cognitive functions dementia)
  • Webinar on CogniPlus



We are always here for you.

  • Have you always wanted to know more about a particular test?
  • Do you need some support with the Vienna Test System?
  • Would a training course on the possibilities of evaluation be interesting?
  • Or have you always wanted to know how to configure and save a test battery?

NOW is the best time to get answers.

Please contact us for a training course tailored to your needs!



Want to buy individual test administration and present them online?

At any time! Directly from our VTS online!

Test without installation, without administration software and without server rental. You only pay for the individual tests that you require. To do this, register in the SCHUHFRIED marketplace, and after you receive your login details, select the desired tests or test sets and it will offer you the options for presenting the test.

I would like learn more about VTS online



We adapt our services to your needs.

We offer you our know-how.

We answer your questions.

We support you in achieving your goals.

We are here for you!




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