Mental disorders

Supplementary neuropsychological assessment in psychiatric investigations



Performance and analysis - automatic and practical

Psychiatric patients often display impairments in the areas of attention, memory and the executive functions. Assessment of these impairments by means of neuropsychological tests plays an important part in verifying a diagnosis (even in the early, prepsychotic stages of the illness) and planning therapy.

The test sets specially compiled by SCHUHFRIED for use in psychiatry make it easier for psychologists to assess cognitive deficits. Disorders of brain functioning can be assessed specifically and objectively, providing information that can be used in describing the current level of functioning, monitoring progress, planning and evaluating rehabilitation measures, conducting occupational rehabilitation and drawing up professional reports. This assessment of an individual’s cognitive and affective state is also important in neuropsychological rehabilitation, especially in connection with issues of fitness to work or fitness to drive.

Test – train – evaluate (linking the VTS and CPS)

In contrast to stand-alone paper-and-pencil tests, the SCHUHFRIED software is designed as part of a holistic concept of test-train-evaluate. If necessary the Vienna Test System can be used in combination with a cognitive training program (CogniPlus), which is based on the same theoretical constructs. An important instrument for our customers is the detailed scoring of all tests and training, including the results report which classifies the results in a "traffic light" system as under average, average, or above average.


The advantages for neuropsychological assessment

  • Objective assessment of function impairments
  • Tests and test sets specially developed for psychiatric issues
  • Validated on psychiatric disorders
  • Cross-test norming of test sets
  • Parallel versions to prevent practice, memory and learning effects in repeat testing
  • Norms differentiated on the basis of age, gender and education
  • Wide range of cognitive ability tests for assessment of basic and more complex cognitive abilities
  • The perfect combination of science and practicality

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Mental disorders in which impairments of neuropsychological functions etc. may be observed include:

  • Test set for assessment of cognitive status (COGBAT)
  • Cognitive impairments in schizophrenia (CFSD)
  • Cognitive impairments in attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (CFADHD)
  • Figural fluency (5POINT)
  • Theory of Mind (TOM)
  • Specific assessment of all areas of attention (WAF)