Scientific Advisory Committee

SCHUHFRIED now has a scientific advisory committee!
The scientific advisory committee offers support and advice to ensure the highest quality of testing and optimum processes, especially in the development of new psychometric tests.

When we at SCHUHFRIED develop psychometric assessments, we emphasize scientific quality and innovation. That is why our work is guided by international standards and guidelines. But innovative psychometrics sometimes involve the use of methods for which no best practices have been established yet. Particularly in this context, dialogue with experts from the field of psychometrics is profoundly important to us.

For this reason, every half-year, we present our current projects and concepts to a scientific advisory committee of three renowned members active in the fields of psychological assessment, differential psychology and behavioral research using AI technologies.

Univ. Prof. Mag. Tuulia Ortner

Director of Department of Psychological Assessment

Paris Lodron University of Salzburg

Assoc.-Prof. Dr. Jakob Pietschnig

Director of Department of Differential Psychology, Personality Psychology and Psychological Assessment

Universität Wien

Prof. Dr. Clemens Stachl

Director of Institute of Behavioral Science and Technology

University of St. Gallen 

Thanks to the participation in the advisory committee by external researchers in core topics that are relevant to us, we have succeeded in further securing the scientific quality of SCHUHFRIED products.



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