The first prize-winning idea came from Stephan Körber (Team TnT)

The first prize-winning idea came from Stephan Körber (Team TnT)

So many great ideas within the best team!


Our team is bursting with good ideas, which we not only want to hear, but also acknowledge properly!

SCHUHFRIED employees therefore have the opportunity to submit their ideas on an ongoing basis.
Last week, we were able to surprise Stephan Körber (developer of the Test and Training team) with an oversized SCHUHFRIED cheque and the associated bonus.

We congratulate Stephan for his idea of the "Testplayer custom themes". His idea combines the customer's wish for a simple branding option with a detailed idea for the implementation.

The photo shows (from left to right): CPO Marco Vetter, the award-winning Stephan Körber and COO Thomas Eberhartl handing over the symbolic cheque.


Congratulations, dear Stephan! we are looking forward to many more ideas from you and the entire SCHUHFRIED team.




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