SCHUHFRIED covers all areas of psychological assessment and cognitive therapy. Every year, around 13 million tests are performed worldwide using our Vienna Test System. This has made us a leader in the field of digital testing for many years.

All important core competencies for product development and manufacturing are located in-house. Would you like to become part of the dynamic team that makes all this possible? Then we look forward to receiving your application!


Here is some important information
that could be interesting for your application:


What exactly does SCHUHFRIED do?

One of SCHUHFRIED's focuses is developing, producing, and distributing psychological testing software. This core product is the very successful and world-famous Vienna Test System. To us, usability for both our customers and the respondents is of paramount importance.  
In addition to the Vienna Test System, SCHUHFRIED's product portfolio also includes CogniPlus and Biofeedback Xpert.  
Our customers value the stability of these systems and the prompt and professional support from our experts for technical and psychological matters.


What makes SCHUHFRIED special?

SCHUHFRIED is a reliable employer. We are proud of our long history and we have a very optimistic and clear vision for the digital future.  
Countless customers around the world use our products. And we are always proud of what our customers do with our products: 

  • Recognizing dementia and intervening in a timely manner
  • Making traffic safer
  • Supporting students in choosing their careers
  • Finding the right employees for professions with special requirements: Whether it is
    • Forklift drivers
    • Surgeons
    • Fighter pilots
    • Train drivers
    • Managers
    • ...

Renowned universities also use our tests for their admissions tests and in research.

Where does SCHUHFRIED call home

SCHUHFRIED headquarters is in Moedling, on the beautiful south side of Vienna, and is easily reached by car and public transportation. We craft our ideas, implement them, and carry them out into the world from there. But SCHUHFRIED is much more than that. Our Test and Research Center, where our products must pass the first application test, is located in Vienna. In addition, SCHUHFRIED is networked with over 40 independent sales partners around the world.

How flexibly can I choose my work hours? 

We use a flextime model that requires core working hours during which all employees should be available. 

Do you also offer working from home?

Yes, of course. We have adapted how we work and how we communicate so that we let our employees choose whether they want to work from home or at the office. This very much depends on the person's individual preferences. However, we do meet at the office at least two days per week to not lose track of each other altogether. 

What types of employment does SCHUHFRIED offer? 

No matter whether you want to become a full-time member of our team or prefer to work part-time or support individual projects for a limited time – we (almost) always find a solution that fits for everyone. We also offer various internships for future experts (college students or trainees).

Could I complete my Master's or Bachelor's thesis or do an internship with you? 

Yes, in fact we are very proud of giving many interns their first hands-on experience of professional life every year. We will also gladly support you with our expertise if you have interesting ideas for a Bachelor's or Master's thesis that we can work on together.

What does everyday work at SCHUHFRIED look like?

We have been relying on an agile work method for a few years that most teams ranging from development to sales to management use. Most of our employees currently plan their work in sprints and work according to scrum. Already being familiar with user stories, standups, and backlogs is certainly beneficial. But if you aren't, that's also fine.  

What (work) culture can I expect at SCHUHFRIED?

Our success is largely based on our employees’ skills and actions. We believe that it’s very important for everyone to feel good at our company and that everyone enjoys their work. To us, the statement “You've come to the right place when you’re looking for an exciting and challenging position that offers creative freedom and responsibility.” is not just a hollow phrase, but something that we live and breathe in our everyday work. The same goes for being productive and appreciating each other, which allows us to achieve our goals together. 
We value a hands-on mentality and dress codes only really matter on special occasions. 

Our currently around 70 employees from a vast number of backgrounds come to work with all of their passion every day – and you can feel that. That's why a good working climate and treating each other sincerely is very important to us. We love to surprise our employees with culinary treats and our popular barbecue parties and team events help to improve their motivation even more. We particularly enjoy celebrating together after we've achieved great things together. 

Which tech stack does SCHUHFRIED use? 

Both we and our products are constantly developing. That's why we also use the latest technologies and frameworks. We clearly focus on Microsoft technologies. .NET and Azure form the core of our product (learn more about this here). But Rome was not built in a day – We are more than happy to also give you the opportunity to develop and grow with us.  

How much psychological knowledge do I have to have? 

This of course depends on what you would like to do. There are many psychology (and IT) experts in our development departments. Many of our colleagues in sales and customer service also have psychological training or experience. The lines are often blurry and we handle projects with an interdisciplinary approach – exciting, right?

What languages should I be able to speak? 

The main language within the company is German. Our agile approach to working increasingly also requires English, so you should at least have a basic knowledge of English. If you intend to work with international customers or sales partners in the future, foreign languages of course will come in handy and may even be required. 

Which documents do I need to apply to SCHUHFRIED? 

We would like you to send us a convincing application with a structured CV and a personal cover letter. In addition, we would love to get references that describe how you have worked in the past.  

What does the typical application process look like? 

We pass on your application documents to the respective team lead once we have received them digitally. You should then receive a response or an invitation to a personal phone call/video fairly quickly during which we check whether the basic expectations and conditions match up. You will then receive an invitation to a psychological test (online). This lets you get to experience our core product (digital psychological tests) first hand, get an insight into what our end customers and their respondents work with and, in addition, receive a professional assessment and explanation of the test results. 

While the first get-to-know-you interview in most cases can also take place via MS Teams, we would like to get to know you in person for the second interview. We will show you the company, your future workplace and, with a little luck, you will also run into your future colleagues. Occasionally, we also offer a practice trial day or just a few hours on the team to get to know the products or possible future colleagues better. We typically decide quickly and we can discuss further details.

Which tips can help me for the application

Authenticity is very important to us. In addition to qualifications, it is just as important to us that new employees fit well into the teams and that the team members feel good. This is the only way to create a work atmosphere that is both productive and fun. 

Can I develop further at SCHUHFRIED?

Yes of course! This is in fact very important to us. If you are interested in a position but you think that you don’t have all of the required knowledge or experience, apply anyway. Our philosophy is that you have to have the right attitude. Should you still be lacking some knowledge in a few areas, we will gladly support you with everything you need to do so.