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Vienna Test System

The most popular classic - now online
Whatever the setting – classic single workstation or test system network, local solutions or testing via the internet or intranet – SCHUHFRIED has just the right system for you!

The Vienna Test System online is used to conduct and evaluate psychological tests and test sets. The test system offers easy access to the wide range of available tests, which includes both innovative new developments and computer-aided versions of proven paper-pencil versions.


Please note:
VTS online is currently only available within Europe. If you want to use VTS online in a non-European country, please contact our Customer Service.



VTS online - make proper use

In order to be able to use the functions of the WTS online, a registration in the form of a subscription is necessary. You can decide which subscription is right for you using the overview below.




VTS Subscriptions

Number of simultaneous users possible   3 6
Included SCHUHFRIED Selection administrations 5 240 480
Use of SCHUHFRIED Test Assistant x x x
Purchase of individual test administrations for VTS online in Marketplace x x x
Purchase of test administrations for local installations of VTS in Marketplace x x x
Test demos directly in VTS online x x x
Complete assigned preliminary testings x x x
Create and save test batteries x x x
Manage respondents x x x
Manage and process test results x x x
Online Testing (Open + Proctored Mode) x x x
Local Testing (Controlled Mode) x x x
Manuals on tests and test sets x x x
Automated back-up x x x
Updates (for VTS online) included x x x
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Please note:
VTS online is currently only available ín Europe! For any usage outside of this region, please contact our Customer Service.