What makes the Vienna Test System so successful?

Every year, 13 million tests are conducted using the Vienna Test System across all sectors, whether HR, NEURO, SPORT or TRAFFIC.

If you’ve always wanted to know how other colleagues tackle their daily challenges in digital psychological assessment and how SCHUHFRIED can provide you with significant support in this endeavor, simply take a bit of time to browse through our website. Here we present several projects in which we take particular pride.



SCHUHFRIED customers around the globe

As a company with international operations and more than 75 years of company history, we’ve implemented countless projects with customers ranging from solo practices to world-famous industrial groups and from traffic psychologists in private practice to national public transportation companies and major airlines. Forklift drivers as well as mining employees, security personnel, pilots and surgeons are all assessed using the Vienna Test System.

Discover some of the applications for our tests via these exciting projects!

Our customers are satisfied and we are naturally proud of that! We’ve compiled several examples from the NEURO, Safety & Industry and TRAFFIC sectors. 


At the 13 test stations of BerufsDiagnostik Austria, which specializes in occupational health assessments, we use both standardized tests to assess cognitive ability as well as questionnaires and personality tests to assess key qualifications that are important in the occupational context and to determine a person’s interests. (…) In these areas, computer-assisted procedures that ensure efficient, cost-effective testing and scoring with simple, easy-to-use software are indispensable.

Dr. Ernestine Strobl (Berufliches Bildungs- und Rehabilitationszentrum Steiermark.Kärnten [Occupational Training and Rehabilitation Center for Styria and Carinthia])
Translated from German. See the original quote here.


We’ve been happily and continuously using the Vienna Test System and CogniPlus since 2009, both in the Psychiatrische Ambulanz für Kognitives Training (PAKT) (Psychiatric Outpatient Department for Cognitive Training) as well as in the research of the Experimental Psychopathology and Neurophysiology Department of the General Psychiatry Clinic of Heidelberg University Hospital.

In the meantime we’ve fully integrated these systems in our daily clinical work and research. We found the levels of discrimination and quality in both the clinical and research contexts to be consistently impressive. (…) We truly value this collaboration immensely, and are delighted about the way the team at SCHUHFRIED takes up, critically evaluates and professionally implements our ideas. We particularly appreciate the reliability and user-friendliness of the system on the one hand, and on the other, the willingness, speed and dependability with which you always respond to our desire to work in a manner even more closely aligned with the patient and with the research approach.

Dr. Matthias Weisbrod, Head of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (SRH Klinikum Karlsbad-Langensteinbach, a hospital on the northern edge of the Black Forest)
Translated from German. See the original quote here.


The Vienna Test System fully meets our requirements and we can use it in parallel with our existing system. It is an complete, integrated, sophisticated system that can be very easily adapted to the needs of the various users thanks to its modular design. We especially appreciate being able to work with each test at multiple user levels, from basic to expert.

Central Military Hospital, Prague, Czech Republic

Translated from German. See the original quote here.

You’ll find more information about selected projects in our Success Stories...


From paper to digital

Find out about the advantages of digital tests in everyday clinical practice in this success story about the switch from paper questionnaires to the Vienna Test System at the psychosomatic specialist clinic St.Franziska-Stift.


Selection of future surgeons

KSSG now has a state-of-the-art aptitude assessment solution for selecting surgeons while providing students with early opportunities to identify individual strengths and areas for development.


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Application in the Safety and Industry sectors


In 2008, the Psychology Department was equipped with the Vienna Test System for psychological assessment in accordance with its requirements (...)
The products are always offered in a form that meets the latest standards and requirements. Working with them is pleasant, and they are easy to use for both the respondents as well as the test supervisors, with a clean, simple and intuitive design. Moreover, several respondents can be tested at the same time. The automatic test scoring is very informative; the data archiving is excellent and facilitates the review of the data for a particular respondent as well as the search for groups of respondents. (…)

Dr. Svetlin Petrov Doshev, Military Medical Academy, Neofit Rilski South-West University, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
Translated from German. See the german quote here.


Rio Tinto Rössing Uranium Ltd has been using the Vienna Test System since 2004. (...) Substantial safety risks are associated with the operation of heavy machinery. Thus, the employees require excellent hand-eye coordination as well as a high level of concentration to ensure safe operation of such machinery. The Vienna Test System assesses the required skills in order to indicate to the company whether a potential recruit meets the specified criteria.

Charmaine Kasuto, Superintendent Organizational Development (Rössing Uranium Limited, Namibia)
Translated from German. See the german quote here.


Sandton Plant has been using the Vienna Test System for several years now; we have only one system which we use on a daily basis.
We decided to purchase the VTS because the safety requirements in the mines are very demanding, and we don’t want to waste any money on training applicants who are not well-suited to operating heavy machinery.
It’s a fantastic tool for identifying suitable candidates and saving time and money. In any case, the Vienna Test System enables us to work much more efficiently and also identifies persons whose coordination and hearing have deteriorated.

Craig Mottram, Operations Manager (Sandton plant, Bramley, South Africa)
Translated from German. See the german quote here.


You’ll find more information about selected projects in our Success Stories...


Recruiting worldwide

With the implementation of this project, applicants worldwide can be preselected quickly and conveniently: Reduced effort with simultaneous high quality of the personnel selection process.

How to select ab initio pilots

The Aviation Medical Center (AMC) from the Netherlands needs a new, modern selection procedure that complies with EASA regulations and can accurately filter out the best of the best candidates.

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Have you also worked an exciting project with SCHUHFRIED and the Vienna Test System?
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Satisfied SCHUHFRIED customers in the Traffic sector


Overall, the Vienna Test System provides significant support for supervision of the drivers in implementing the driver’s license regulations.

  • The system is readily accepted by the test takers, as the equipment is robust and easy to use.
  • Taking the tests is easy and straightforward thanks to the clear and easily understandable on-screen instructions for use.
  • In addition, the test scoring is easy for non-psychologists.

Ulrich Jansing, Chief Medical Officer, Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (Germany’s largest public transport company)
Translated from German. See the german quote here.


(...) Since we began using the system, more than ten thousand applicants and interested parties have undergone the online preliminary selection process for certain groups of jobs. After the adjustment phase, the test was able to unleash its selection effect, which saved us application costs down the road. In addition to making the workflow more efficient, we were also able to increase the quality of the pre-selection process. Thus, we thank you for your dedicated and competent collaboration. The formal and technical adaptations of the tests in our technical environment went very smoothly and we look forward to the in-depth analyses.

Deutsche Lufthansa AG
Translated from German. See the german quote here.


Since 2001 we have relied on the Vienna Test System (VTS), among other things, for our assessments; we use its instruments for various aspects of performance and personality assessment. Content-related and economic factors played major roles in our decision to use the VTS, but the provider’s scientific approach and decades of experience were also significant.
We’ve been using more than 40 basic systems of the VTS throughout Switzerland, and use different instruments and tests in German, French and Italian. The use of the VTS in assessments is easy and cost-effective. Changes in the instruments or the scoring can even be easily made on short notice. We also greatly appreciate the well-organized display of the results. (...) Overall, we were able to streamline our work and achieve high-quality results thanks to the VTS. We will continue to use the VTS in the future, particularly due to the wide and continuously growing range of tests offered.

Schweizerischen Bundesbahnen SBB AG (Swiss Federal Railways)
Translated from German. See the german quote here.


You’ll find more information about selected projects in our Success Stories...


Road safety in the Dominican Republic 

The government of the Dominican Republic has implemented a regulation requiring driver’s license applicants to undergo psychometric assessments with the VTS.

Fair testing of driving ability

The example of Dr. Walter in the Czech Republic highlights the importance of multilingual testing and international norms for fair assessment of individuals.

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Have you also worked an exciting project with SCHUHFRIED and the Vienna Test System?
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