Attention is the basic prerequisite for safety-relevant behaviour. Employees with good attention work quickly and accurately, even in monotonous tasks, and thus have a lower risk of overlooking potential sources of danger.

Why attention is an important criterion for human resources?

Attention is the ability to carefully pursue an activity or task without being distracted by irrelevant things. It is regarded as a basic component of a multitude of processes, such as perception, memory, planning and action, orientation in space and problem-solving ability, and thus represents one of the most important prerequisites for successfully mastering both everyday and non-everyday challenges, especially in the field of safety. Particularly in the case of repetitive and monotonous tasks, it is essential to maintain attention over a long period of time in order not to overlook potential sources of danger.

What types of attention are distinguishable?

icon-check Working accuracy vs. speed
icon-check Vigilance

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