Cognitive abilities

Cognitive abilities are all those abilities that require a certain amount of thinking, such as spatial awareness or logical reasoning. They become relevant whenever new or challenging tasks have to be performed, for example when working with heavy machinery or hazardous substances.

Why attention is an important criterion for human resources?

Cognitive abilities comprise a variety of abilities that are generally referred to as intelligence. Cognitive skills play a central role in the analysis and interpretation of a wide variety of situations and help to make appropriate decisions. Especially in situations where the correct processing of information can help to identify and avert potential dangers, or to avoid them altogether, cognitive skills are of enormous relevance for security. Depending on the occupational field, this can be, for example, the ability to remember or the ability to think logically. Thus, it can be helpful to be able to correctly memorize configurations made on vehicles or machines in order to land on the correct cause and solution in the case of a problem.

What types of cognitive abilities are distinguishable?

Cognition is mental perception. The cognitive abilities of humans describe their ability to perceive and process signals from the environment.

A distinction is made between the different types of cognitive ability:

icon-check Professional cognitive competences
icon-check Anticipation of movement
icon-check English language skills
icon-check Memory
icon-check Logical reasoning skills
icon-check Multitasking
icon-check Numeric skills
icon-check Spatial conception
icon-check Spelling skills
icon-check Technical understanding
icon-check Verbal abilities

Find the suitable test for cognitive ability

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