Suitability tests for the military

Make the right decisions at the right time under pressure. Military service personnel have to deal with this scenario on a daily basis. Every wrong decision can have serious consequences. Attention, concentration and further cognitive high performance are required in addition to physical fitness in active military service. Discover how you can make the right choice when recruiting with the Vienna Test System.

Why standardized testing for soldiers?

The Vienna Test System has been in use at many military institutions around the world for many years and is indispensable for military research.

In military service, there can always be high psychological stress. Standardised screening can be used to determine whether potential recruits are suitable for service, whether they already have existing mental disorders and illnesses and how they react to certain stressors. The Vienna Test System is also ideally suited to testing performance and personality aspects, such as resilience, emotional stability, but also conscientiousness and self-control.

On the basis of the test results, personnel decisions can be better made and justified. Do not leave your selection to chance!

What qualities should military soldiers have?

Are you looking for suitable recruits, officers or other positions in military service? Then you need to pay attention to security-relevant character traits and other relevant military requirements during the recruitment process. The visual short-term memory, time and movement anticipation or motorical skills can not only be useful in everyday working life, but can also guarantee survival and the necessary security when making decisions in crisis situations.

In addition to attention-related characteristics, the analysis also focuses on professional aspects when assessing the suitability of soldiers. The ability to work under pressure, but also the leadership behaviour, is of great importance in the selection of military personnel. SCHUHFRIED's aptitude test allows you to select suitable soldiers from applicants or to test existing soldiers for their aptitude.

Relevant dimensions for military staff

Find the suitable tests for military staff

Discover in the Vienna Test System of SCHUHFRIED various online tests for the aptitude test of military staff and simplify your applicant selection!