Occupational personality

In addition to objective performance, the individual personality of employees is also relevant, for example to keep a cool head in stressful hazardous situations or to prevent dangers from arising in the first place by consistently adhering to guidelines.

Why is a professional personality an important criterion for human resources?

The occupational personality describes security and success-relevant personality traits. With the help of questionnaires specially tailored to professional situations, it can be predicted, for example, whether a person is highly likely to work conscientiously or has sufficient resilience to keep a cool head in dangerous situations.

What types of occupational personality are distinguishable?

icon-check Load-bearing capacity
icon-check Extraversion
icon-check Flexibility
icon-check Frustration tolerance
icon-check Conscientiousness
icon-check Interests
icon-check Stress & Burn-out
icon-check Team orientation

Find the right test for your professional personality

Discover the Vienna Test System of SCHUHFRIED for various tests on career-related personalities and simplify your selection of applicants!

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