Personnel in the mining sector

Safe working in mines requires consistent peak performance from both people and machines. The challenge here is both in the efficient performance of daily routines and also in reacting quickly and correctly in critical situations.

Why should you test mining workers in a standardized way?

Safe and standardised work in industry requires consistently high performance from both machines and people. To ensure that applicants meet these specific requirements, their suitability for this occupational field must be determined in advance. This is best achieved with the help of standardized psychological aptitude tests for mining workers.

Personnel in mining occupations must not only have mechanical-technical understanding and accuracy, but must also possess certain very specific personality traits. Only in this way is it possible for people to master, for example, the smooth running of work processes and other challenges of daily routine and to react correctly in critical situations.

SCHUHFRIED offers special aptitude tests to determine those personality traits that are particularly suited to the requirements of industrial workers. Standardised test procedures enable you to speed up the selection of applicants and ensure consistently high quality. SCHUHFRIED tests can help you select employees based on standardised and easily comparable results.

What characteristics should mining workers have?

In addition to an increased mechanical-technical understanding, cognitive and physical performance is required daily by personnel in the field of mines. Not only do they have to have good hand-eye coordination, but also fine motor skills - this is the only way to perform their job efficiently and effectively on a daily basis. They must also bear a high degree of responsibility, because even a small mistake can have major consequences for them and their colleagues. In order to avoid this, our test procedure also asks for test dimensions such as conscientiousness and level of ambition.

Relevant dimensions for safety in the mining sector:

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