Police & Security Service

Resisting stress and reacting correctly in critical situations

Work in the police and similar security-related professions involves high levels of both physical and mental stress. Therefore, regular performance psychological examinations are necessary - not only during the selection of applicants, but also for active duty personnel.

Why standardized testing for security and police?

Because choosing the wrong person for the job can have serious consequences, it is particularly important in this field to select suitable applicants and to promote staff in accordance with their potential. In addition, careful preselection of candidates reduces training costs and prevents high staff turnover.

SCHUHFRIED tests provide a reliable and economic picture of the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate or member of staff.

The comprehensive range offered provides for a varied, efficient use of the tests – whether it is recruitment, squad suitability testing, troop psychology tests or psychological tests for individuals.

What qualities should police and security staff have?

It is therefore crucial to adopt a structured and needs-oriented approach when recruiting staff to safety-critical jobs or assessing the suitability of existing staff. In testing, focus on the characteristics that are really important: those that determine safety-critical behavior!

The visual short-term memory, time and movement anticipation or motorical skills can not only be useful in everyday working life, but can also guarantee survival and the necessary security when making decisions in crisis situations.

In addition to attention-related characteristics, the analysis also focuses on professional aspects when assessing the suitability of police and security staff. The ability to work under pressure, but also leadership behaviour is of great importance in selecting suitable staff. SCHUHFRIED's aptitude test allows you to select suitable staff from applicants or to test existing employees for their aptitude.

Relevant dimensions for police and security staff

Find the right tests for testing your staff or applicants

Discover in the Vienna Test System of SCHUHFRIED various online tests for the aptitude test of police and security staff and simplify your applicant selection!