Test for the selection of professional drivers

Did you know that more than 90% of all traffic accidents can be attributed to human error? (Gelau, Gasser & Seeck, 2012) Pay attention to the human factor and use psychological tests to determine the safety-relevant characteristics of reliable professional drivers.

Why test professional drivers with standardized psychological tests?

Professional drivers have to take responsibility on a daily basis: To their passengers, their cargo and other road users. It is very important to act correctly in stressful and even dangerous situations, because even a little carelessness can have great consequences. Personality traits, which can be determined by psychological tests, make it possible to make assumptions about possible future actions. Training needs and the repeated completion of psychological tests exist also with experienced professional drivers: Particularly after accidents or other critical situations. Here, too, only well selected and trained personnel can react correctly in traffic-relevant situations!

What characteristics should a professional driver have?

Whether someone is suitable as a professional driver depends on various personality and performance aspects. Concentration, reaction, orientation and resilience are particularly important in everyday traffic. Professional drivers must not only be able to handle their vehicles, be familiar with the essential traffic regulations, but also have safety-relevant personality traits. The latter are particularly essential when choosing personnel. In order to examine all relevant aspects of driving aptitude, it is necessary to examine both personality and performance aspects. Professional drivers must, on the one hand, have the appropriate training and basic qualifications and, on the other hand, also meet specific requirements such as psychological stability, a sense of responsibility and logical reasoning. Whether those personality traits and performance aspects are present can be determined by means of the psychological test set SAROAD.

SAROAD - the test set for future and active professional drivers

Dimensions Test Duration in minutes
Concentration COG approx. 10
Ability to react, simple RT approx. 6
Obtaining an overview - traffic ATAVT approx. 8
Stress tolerance, reactive DT approx. 6
Logical reasoning AMT approx. 15
Mental stability IVPE approx. 2
Sense of responsibility IVPE approx. 2
Self-control IVPE approx. 1
Risk avoidance IVPE approx. 2
Total duration if all dimensions are presented:  

approx. 52

It is composed of a combination of performance and personality dimensions that, according to several studies, are best suited to predict safe behaviour among professional drivers, and from a large number of dimensions examined, those that represent the best mix of information gain and test time were selected. The results of the tests are then linked to the everyday tasks of a professional driver in order to show the potential of an applicant for the different areas of responsibility. The SAROAD test set includes the dimensions and tests shown on the left in order to clarify the performance relevant to driving safety.



Dimensions for the clarification of services relevant to driving safety:

What is the SAROAD Report?

The SAROAD report presents the results of the test set. Depending on the requirements, it can be used for a simple overall assessment and an evaluation of the everyday tasks of a professional driver, as well as for analysing the results of the individual tests.

You can also use the individual interview guide to make your recruiting process even more efficient and use the training suggestions to optimize development areas of new or existing employees.

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Save resources in PRE-selection with Safety-Screenings



Tests for a large number of applicants require a great deal of time and money. Time and costs can be reduced significantly via pre-selection with the SAFESC - Safety Assessment Screening Road.

The respondents are able to carry out the SAFESC on the go, from any location, on their own PC or on a mobile end device. You can then test potentially suitable candidates more comprehensively with the safety assessments from SCHUHFRIED (SAROAD - Safety Assessment Road).

Screening for ideal pre-selection

  • The abilities tested with the SAFESC were selected based on international guidelines, proven selection procedures, and empirical studies.
  • The SAFESC offers a fast overview of the results: an overall scoring in percentage points with a three-star system as an aid to interpretation and individual results with an assessment in traffic light colors. The different weighting of the abilities in the area of road is included in the scoring.
  • The SAFESC is optimized for online presentation and for a large number of applicants.

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