Reaction behaviour & visual abilities

In critical situations where seconds count, quick perception and quick reaction can make the difference between success and failure. Employees who are very good at it react quickly and correctly, even under stress.

Why reaction behaviour & visual skills is an important criteria for human resources?

Reaction behaviour and visual functions play a central role when it comes to reacting quickly in dangerous situations. Excellent visual functions help you to get an overview and orientation after just a short look. Based on this, the reactivity describes a fast and targeted reaction to perceived stimuli and must be maintained even under high stress, especially in the safety area. Especially in situations where there is little time to make decisions, these skills often make the difference between success and failure.

What types of reaction behavior & visual functions are distinguishable?

icon-check Load capacity, reactive
icon-check Peripheral perception
icon-check Responsiveness
icon-check Overview of traffic
icon-check Visual perceptual performance

Find the right test for action behavior & visual skills

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