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The 2020 pandemic and accompanying travel bans have hit the airline industry hard. According to the latest global report from the Air Transport Action Group, the load factor has dropped from 84% in 2019 to around 58% in 2020. As a result, about 46 million people in the travel and tourism sector have lost their jobs. Of these, about 1.3 million were directly employed by airlines. Compared to 2019 employment figures, this represents a 36% decline.

However, forecasts by Oxford Economics and IATA Economics show that the airline industry will recover and the demand for air transport will increase by an average of 3% per year over the next twenty years. Not only will passenger and revenue numbers increase, but so will the number of airline employees. This means a massive demand for personnel with particularly high levels of responsibility, such as pilots and air traffic controllers.

84% > 58%

Load factor from
2019 to 2020

46 million

employees of the
tourism industry have
lost their jobs

1.3 million

were directly employed by airlines



Are you looking for pilots?

Selecting suitable employees for these important positions is time-consuming and costly, especially when there are many simultaneous applications. International societies (e.g., IATA, 2019) have therefore recommended a multi-stage selection process even before COVID-19, in which unsuitable applicants are identified before the more elaborate on-site tests.

Our Safety Screening Air (SAFESC) enables the screening of logical reasoning, numerical ability and the ability to concentration as well as optional job-relevant personality traits: uncomplicated, inexpensive and maximally flexible for you and your applicants.

Screen thousands of applicants with just a few clicks, in minutes.




Screening for the optimal preselection


The selection of skills tested with SAFESC was based on international guidelines, proven selection procedures and empirical studies.

SAFESC provides a quick overview of the results:

  • An overall evaluation in percent with a three-star system as an aid to interpretation
  • individual results with an evaluation in traffic light colors
  • different weighting of the skills in the area of road flows into the evaluation

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Still not sure if online screening is right for you and your pilot search?

Whatch our webinar to learn:

  • how SAFESC can support your existing selection process
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  • how you can quickly and conveniently get hold of the best future pilots

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Your applicants have successfully passed SAFESC?

Applicants who meet the minimum requirements may be invited to an on-site test afterwards. For this we recommend the Safety Assessment Air:

The SAFESC Safety Screenings help you to identify the most suitable candidates from a large number of applicants. In the next step, the Safety Assessments give you the opportunity to assess the skills of your candidates in more detail on site.

This way you are guaranteed to find the most promising candidates!

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Administration of data, convenient testing and automatic evaluation of results via our Vienna test system.

Our Vienna test system is...

Scientifically sound, comprehensively normed

All our tests are based on the current state of science and research. Test content is developed using proven constructs and in collaboration with renowned authors. Our procedures are validated and comprehensively and currently normed.

Standardized, objective and fair

The computer-based application of the tests enables standardization of the content, procedure and evaluation. Objectivity and fairness in the assessment of each individual test person are thus guaranteed. Moreover, the results in the Vienna Test System cannot be manipulated retrospectively.

Safe & Economical in Time

The standardized instructions and practice phases save time and the automated evaluation prevents mistakes in transmission and evaluation. The test results can be retrieved directly after testing. 

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