Your Benefit

How you profit from your support!

Personal benefit

You receive professional feedback on your personal test results and can thus check your own performance. This gives you the opportunity to test your personal strengths and weaknesses in different performance areas: e.g: Perception, attention, concentration, performance of the working memory, primary and secondary memory, reactivity and much more.

With your participation you help and support psychological development and research work, which will later be used in hospitals and rehabilitation centres, among other places. Your feedback on the individual tests is very important for us and will be incorporated into the test development and adaptation! The statistical standards that we collect with your support have many applications such as in therapy planning and monitoring of patients with neurological disorders (craniocerebral trauma, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, stroke, etc.).


Financial benefit

Payment is made immediately after the test and is usually 8 EUR per hour, with payment being calculated on each 15 minutes basis. In the case of studies that extend over several dates, payment is made on the last date without exception. Detailed information can be found in the description of the "current tests”.

Recommend us to others and as a small thank-you, you will receive a bonus of 3€ in addition to the normal payment!

An example:

Thanks to your recommendation, five people have taken part in one of our tests - so at your next test, which will take 1.5 hours for example, you will receive: 12€ for your participation + 5 x 3€ bonus = 27€

Please understand that we can only pay you this bonus for new test persons after they have participated in at least one test. It is therefore not valid for persons who are already listed in our test person file. We reserve the right not to pay out bonuses in cases of abuses of any kind.