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Would you like to use SCHUHFRIED tests or trainings for your scientific work?

No matter whether you are a student or employee of an academic institution, whether you are writing your bachelor or master thesis, part of a dissertation or a stand-alone research project: Contact us using the form below and present your work to us!

Young researchers who use our tests and trainings in their work can also submit them for our Science Award!

SCHUHFRIED has an international network of customers from the research sector and supports selected research projects on an ongoing basis:

The following topics are currently of special interest for SCHUHFRIED:

icon-check Safety assessment in personnel selection (pilots, professional drivers, etc.)
icon-check Neuropsychological assessment of and cognitive training for diseases related to dementia
icon-check Neuropsychological assessment of and cognitive training for psychiatric and neurological disorders
icon-check Traffic psychology issues (e.g. Fitness to Drive in older drivers, cognitive training and Fitness to Drive)


SCHUHFRIED Research Support

*Start and end of data collection *Research questions / hypotheses *Study design *Detailed sample description (Sample size per group, age, gender, diagnoses, profession, etc.) *Which tests/trainings do you want to use? *How many test administrations or training hours are required per test/training? *How should the testing/training be done? (Offline/Online? Individual or group setting? How many parallel testings/trainings?) *Should the study results be published?
By sending this form you agree that we process your personal data within the SCHUHFRIED company. Please note that your data may be passed on to our official SCHUHFRIED sales partners for optimal further processing. You can request the deletion of your data at any time at: info@schuhfried.at

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