Expert Services

SCHUHFRIED experts can advise you on the selection of tests, offer training, assist you with digitization and much more

Whenever you would like to have an experienced companion when introducing or using digital tests.

Whenever you have very specific questions or want to manage a complex situation.

  • We advise you which tests and products are best suited for your questions.
  • We train and coach your employees.
  • We accompany you on your journey to digital psychological assessments.
  • We are always available to answer your questions.

Requirements Workshop

You would like to use digital tests, but don't know which ones are right for you?

We will organize a workshop in your company, your clinic or at our premises even before you buy the Vienna Test System. Together with all participants, we will work out which requirements you would like to cover with digital tests. Existing processes can be rethought digitally, but also requirement profiles or existing test procedures can be analysed to enable a well-founded test selection. Consequently, you have optimized and added value to your psychological assessments, regardless of whether you decide to use the Vienna Test System or not.

  • Individual workshop in your organisation with up to ten participants
  • Results to optimize your assessment processes guaranteed

User training

You use the Vienna Test System and would like to get to know the features better?

You have switched to digital tests, but now you want to get to know the new tests just as well as your previous ones?

With a SCHUHFRIED expert, you can quickly and easily gain all relevant key knowledge right on your doorstep: training sessions with SCHUHFRIED experts can include everything from the use of the Vienna Test System and the right test setting to detailed information on test design and theoretical background. SCHUHFRIED experts have both psychological backgrounds and assessment training as well as extensive experience in the practical use of our products.

  • Tailor-made, target group-specific training programme for you and your employees, up to 25 participants
  • Comprehensible training material for long-term use and internal training of new employees
The Training exceeded our expactations

Lt.Col.( Rtd) Julius GITHIRI - Executive Director of the Institute of Professional security studies (IPSS) in Nairobi Kenya

Ask the Expert Session

You have been using digital tests from the Vienna Test System for some time and now and again questions arise?

You are satisfied so far, but some tests are simply too complicated or cost too much time?

Arrange an “Ask the Expert Session” for you and your employees! This can either take place via an online video conference or we can come to your location. Use the session to ask all the questions you encounter in your everyday life. How do I interpret a certain pattern of results? How can I tell if a test subject has had difficulties in processing the test? Which test form do I use for a test repetition? Together with the expert, you can also consider how you could optimize your processes both technically and in terms of content in order to work even more efficiently in everyday life.

  • Online or on-site session possible, duration flexible according to your needs
  • Quiz the experts, ask as many questions as you like

Integrate tests into your assessments

You have decided to use digital tests, but the integration into your daily work routine seems to be very complex?

You have a complex structure - from technology to user groups - and need support for the introduction of digital tests?

Our SCHUHFRIED experts can understand. Especially in large organisations, such a change can make bigger waves than you might think at first. But that's exactly your advantage. Your SCHUHFRIED expert knows the most common challenges and can support you so that nothing can be underestimate, both in terms of assessment quality and from a technical and practical perspective.

  • Holistic project planning and project management for smooth integration into your organisation
  • Individual support for the optimal integration of digital tests into your existing processes

Performing tests externally

You do not have the necessary spatial or time resources to organize and conduct digital tests?

Simply outsource your tests to SCHUFHRIED. We coordinate dates and locations or test worldwide online - unattended or under supervision from our Proctor Team. At the end of the test, we will compile the results for you in a clear format, either as individual reports for each test subject or as a ranking of the test subjects, which you can use to easily see how well they fit into the jointly defined job profile.

  • Testing is possible both at the SCHUHFRIED Test Center in Vienna and at your premises, at external locations or with the help of online proctoring, worldwide and flexibly for the test person from home
  • Test management and, if desired, individual feedback of results to the test subjects by experienced SCHUHFRIED test managers