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TACO - The Attention and Concentration Test

"Mobile-first" attention and concentration test: focused on simple and location-independent application for applicants and simplified interpretation for the test taker.

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SAFESC - Safety Screening

A psychological-diagnostic screening package for the (pre-)selection of applicants for safety-relevant professions.

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WAF - Perception and attention functions battery

The perception and attention function battery captures the sub-functions of attention.
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COGBAT - Cognitive Basic Assessment

Captures neuropsychological dimensions relevant to the clarification of the cognitive status of patients with neurological and/or psychological disorders.

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online testing with VTS - how to start

You would like to test online but do not know how? In this webinar we will give an introduction to online testing with the WTS.

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Efficiency and completeness thanks to the people TAB

An underestimated tool in VTS: the person TAB! We show you how you can use it to its full extent for your own benefit.

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Test administration and test batteries

Everything you need to know about test options and information, tips and tricks for test batteries.

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DRIVESC2 - Drive Screening 2

Captures early indications of impaired fitness to drive or driving safety in patients with neurological and/or psychiatric disorders.

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INT - Inventory for testing cognitive abilities

Measure general cognitive ability and specific performance indicators for Logical Reasoning, Verbal Ability and Numerical Ability with our new test INT.

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CFD - Cognitive Functions Dementia

Assesses neuropsychological dimensions that are relevant for early detection of dementia and neurocognitive disorders

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The best of the test: The (automatic) evaluation

Tips and tricks for the evaluations and reports.

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