Tailor-made solutions for businesses, organizations and public institutions 

You need solutions specifically adapted to your requirements?

Our experts are happy to consult with you on how to best implement what you need – from individual services to full project management.


We work with you – on the basis of your specific requirements – to develop the ideal selection of tests.

In SCHUHFRIED, you have found a competent partner to help you integrate digital testing into your professional workflow.

We can also organize employee training for you as needed. We can train your team in test presentation, from administrative functions all the way to more complex psychological assessment questions.

Our experts

are psychologists certified to DIN 33430 standard;

have experience in project management (including certificates); and

provide technological expertise – from software development to the use of artificial intelligence.

From vision to implementation

We are happy to advise and support your development process through our holistic, personalized approach. This ensures both diagnostic precision and technological excellence.


With SCHUHFRIED Test Services, we adapt our products and services to your needs!   

Exclusive test items

You want to use high-quality tests from our portfolio, but also want to make sure that others are not asking the same questions as you?

Digitizing tests

You have a proprietary knowledge test or medical history questionnaire and don’t want to give it up when you use the Vienna Test System?

New tests

You need an additional test or questionnaire in the Vienna Test System?

Our experienced SCHUHFRIED test development experts can design and construct new items and, if needed, new tests for you. Naturally, this process includes norming and validation.

SCHUHFRIED software development takes care of programming and implementation as well as the automated scoring in the Vienna Test System.

SCHUHFRIED’s skilled Translation Management team can also provide translations into multiple languages.

Additional services


You are looking for ways to save time when composing reports or expert opinions?

You want to give candidates a written response after selection testing?

The test results in the Vienna Test System can also be provided as automated verbal interpretations, with all texts optimized for your target group. Your respondents receive a report which, based on your requirements, can also include recommendations and is formatted to follow your corporate identity.


You’ve noticed that your applicants always have either very high or very low test results? You want to use patient data to improve your differential diagnostics?

You are looking for ways to optimize your proprietary tests through norming and validation?

All these services are provided by our very own SCHUHFRIED Test & Research Center.

Data security and data protection

We implement a number of measures to ensure a high level of data protection.  Personal data and test results are stored securely and confidentially in a database in accordance with cutting-edge digital standards. This prevents access by unauthorized persons or third-party software.

In addition to server hosting by SCHUHFRIED with automatic daily back-ups, we can also install the Vienna Test System locally on one of your machines. No active internet connection is required to use the system.

You have questions? Get in touch with us, we are happy to help!