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SCHUHFRIED and science belong together. For us, that is an obvious reason to support researchers, lecturers and students – both with our expertise and with our products!

SCHUHFRIED Research Support

You want to use SCHUHFRIED tests in your research?

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SCHUHFRIED Research Support

Whether you are a student or employee of a scientific institution, whether you are working on your bachelor’s or master’s thesis, whether your research forms part of a dissertation or an independent project: get in touch with us and introduce your work!

SCHUHFRIED has an international network of clients from science and research and continually offers support to select research projects.

Submit completed work for the Science Award!

Up-and-coming researchers who use our tests for their work can submit their research for our Science Award!

SCHUHFRIED Research Support

SCHUHFRIED teaching package and teaching support

You want to make use of digital psychological testing in your teaching? We have compiled a package that allows you to do just that – at absolutely no cost and obligation for the first full year!

Solid training in psychological assessment is an essential basis for the appropriate use of psychological tests. This is where educational institutions play a central role. In order to provide optimal support for you and your institution, we have created two offers:

Overview of the teaching package


Our teaching package is geared specifically towards the needs of universities and colleges that want to make modern psychological assessment procedures part of their curricula. The package allows digital tests from the Vienna Test System to be integrated into teaching, so that students can be introduced to a wide variety of application areas and test paradigms.

  • Access to the Vienna Test System (VTS)
  • Free use of VTS for your BA and MA students’ seminar, bachelor’s and master’s projects

What are the costs?

  • No costs or obligations for teaching package in first year
  • Only € 500 for each following year

Here’s how it works:

  • Integration of the Vienna Test System tests into the curriculum
  • Agreement by students and lecturers to adhere to test integrity measures
  • Teaching package test presentations used only for non-commercial purposes and for research purposes specified above

You want to get started right away?

We will be happy to discuss the terms and conditions with you in detail!

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Teaching support

Our teaching support is geared toward university and college lecturers and professors looking to add digital testing to their course offerings. We are happy to provide you with a limited number of test presentations for short-term use. Contact us!

SCHUHFRIED Science Award

One of SCHUHFRIED’s aims is to support and encourage the next generation of scientists. That’s why every year we award three scientific papers a prize of € 500 each.

Conditions for participating:

  • Researcher/scientist at the beginning of their career (bachelor, master, doctorate)
  • Scientific study conducted with at least one test from the Vienna Test System
  • Publication of study in scientific journal OR completion of the study not more than one year before current submission deadline
  • Yearly submission deadline of mid-September

Science Award submission form

Submit your study using the SCHUHFRIED SCIENCE AWARD submission form.

We look forward to receiving your submission!

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SCHUHFRIED Start-up Programm

You have recently completed your training and further education and would like to work independently in diagnostics? You would like to explore the world of digital testing? Join our Start-up Program and use the Vienna Test System free of charge!

The Start-up Program at a glance:

  • Free use of the VTS online
  • 12 months duration
  • The participants do not enter into any obligation.
  • Free participation in basic and expert workshops within the SCHUHFRIED Campus!
  • Additional/input devices for the Vienna Test System are not included in the offer. They can be rented or purchased from SCHUHFRIED if required.

Learn more about the Vienna Test System:

Important Information on the Start-up Program:

  • The program is open to self-employed psychologists* who would like to use the Vienna Test System for psychological assessment, is a member or graduate of a partner institution and is not already a client of the Vienna Test System. The Start-up Program is a time-limited offer which is valid until revoked.
    * Additional employment without using the free VTS is permitted. In the field of sports psychology, sports scientists with further training in sports psychology are also eligible to participate.
  • By registering, you confirm that the software provided free of charge as part of the start-up program will be used exclusively in your self-employed activity.
Start-Up Program Form

Our Start-up partner

Your institution is not listed?

You would like to participate in the Start-up Program, but the institution where you completed your education/further training is not yet listed as a partner institution?

Become active and advise your institution to become one of our partners. Here you will find an e-mail template: : E-Mail template

With your support we can make the Start-up Program accessible to even more psychologists like you!