Success Story: Hong Kong Sports Institute

The sports psychologists at the Hong Kong Sports Institute regularly test their athletes in the criteria of concentration, attention and reaction. The WTS supports them with the Determination Test (DT), among other things.

Initial Situation

Athletes need to be tested regularly. The main criteria for evaluation are concentration, attention and reaction, e.g. reactive resilience with the determination test (DT).

Athletes are often tested after sports injuries and during the rehabilitation phase. Dr. Li explains that he was already looking for a system for digital psychological diagnostics during his studies in Australia, but without success at that time.

Project Aim & Challenge

The goal was to use the Vienna Test System (VTS) to gain insight into an athlete’s cognitive ability, such as reaction and concentration, as well as their motivation and stress. It was also of interest to test the application of the tests in real sport situations to get information about how performance changes under different circumstances.


It is often perceived as a certain risk to buy a system abroad. The athletes and coaches were also skeptical about a new process. However, once they realized the possibilities offered by the VTS, they were convinced of its advantages.

One of the biggest challenges was logistics. It had to be possible to test athletes quickly and get results immediately.

Digital assessments with the VTS are time-saving and have the advantage that the test reports are available immediately after the assessment. The tests are mainly used for individual sports that require a high level of concentration on the task, such as fencing, karate or cycling.

Recently, the tests have also been used for e-sports and have proven to be very useful.

The value of the VTS is demonstrated by the fact that the results have a very good correlation with performance improvement. Dr. Li is even considering publishing a scientific study on it.

The institute has a team of physical and technical skills coaches who work with the sports psychologists. The psychologists provide feedback to the athletes and involve the coaches in the process.

“SCHUHFRIED offers fast and very competent advice at any time. New team members are very taken with the system and would even like to expand it.”

Dr. Henry Li,
Doctor in applied psychology


These results could be achieved:

  • The HKSI uses the tests mainly for individual sports that require a high level of concentration, but the VTS is also used for their rugby team.
  • Its use has also proven useful for e-sports.
  • The value of the VTS is shown by the fact that the results have a very good correlation with performance improvement.

The results are very interesting for the athletes because they can compare their own status much more objectively with that of their teammates. It also allows them to detect a change in trend and adjust their training more effectively.

  • Sport Institute in Sha Tin, New Territories, Hong Kong
  • Trains top athletes
  • Offers academic qualifications in the field of sports training
  • Genereal training support
  • Applied research

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